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Friction and the Beauty it can create

Friction sculpted this range of land. What devastation?—What destruction led to this moment? I cannot even comprehend! But, I appreciate that somehow, after it all, it is so beautiful. →

Watching the sunset from Malaga Cove, waiting for ships to come in

Malaga Cove in Palos Verdes, California is a great spot to catch the sunset. At sunset, it's a place were families, couples, and sometimes dreamers go to watch the sunset. At sunset on Sunday, I watched one particular person stare longly against the sunset. It appeared they were waiting for their ships to come in. →

First Post in Bit, This Is Why

I stopped posting on this blog in September last year, 2017. It was an easy decision to make then. There were specific reasons I stopped, but I couldn't articulate them. →