Glide Carousel, a easy to use slider for Semantic UI

This carousel was originally done for a bootstrap project. I quickly implemented it using Glide JS which fits in nicely with Semantic UI (the framework I use on this site). This post describes my implementation.

Many people don't like carousels and I somewhat agree. Image carousels like the on above can be somewhat intruding to the content and are very often untouched or swiped through by users. However, with a mobile first User Interface a carousel can be designed to act more as a swipe and can introduce an interesting way to present content.

Good imagery with clean verbiage can get a user to go through a carousel or can used to create a side swipe as demonstrated here. Notice how in my Reference Rolex a user can swipe or click from the side to view new content rather than to continue to scroll down. This, from my perspective, becomes most effective and relevant for users on a mobile view where swiping is more standard.

The CSS used

<link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>

The JS used

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="<ntic.min.js"></script>
<script src=""></script>

The html

The HTML for the first 2 slides

<div class="slider slider1">
  <div class="slides">
    <div class="slide-item item1">
    <div class="slide-item item2">
    <div class="slide-item item3">
    <div class="slide-item item4">

The JS added locally

Just call glide to run in your local JS


Note: my JS for glide is slightly different but this is all you need.

See the Pen 71fdafe5e8fdae857086e9be2bd928ba by Jeff Wainwright (@yowainwright) on CodePen.