About me, Jeff Wainwright, a husband, dad, and software engineer in Los Angeles šŸ„¤

Hi! I'm a senior security software engineer at GoodRx. Formerly, I was an engineering manager at Currency, wrote a lot of open source while at Dollar Shave Club, and worked on The Billboard's Charts, The Hollywood Reporter's Awards, and NASDAQ's first living code style guide. I'm passionate about making things, learning, and contributing to society which is why I write software. Software allows me to do those things everyday! Unrelated to software, I enjoy being a husband and dad, painting, running, and surfing.

Open Source Initiatives

  • ES Check: Checks the version of ES in JavaScript files with simple shell commands
  • StickyBits: Stickybits is a lightweight (<2KB) alternative to position: sticky polyfills
  • Scrolldir: y-axis scroll direction without jitter
  • Shave: a minimal JavaScript Plugin for Truncated text
  • Reframe.js: a minimal JavaScript Plugin for reframing html elements so they're an intrinsic ratio of the originalā€”great for embeds


Talks and Presentations

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