Resume: the resume of Jeff Wainwright, a software engineer and surfer in Los Angeles 🏄🏾‍♂️

As a Software Engineer and Engineering manager, I specialize in getting applications built! I love working with engineers, product and design to keep products simple and tested—except for the “special sauce” that makes a great product exceptional.

Work History


Senior Security Software Engineer

  • Building security solutions for GoodRx frontend content delivery

Komodo Health

Senior Software Engineer

  • Built a low code app for generating healthcare patient reports using React, Formik, HighCharts, and Python
  • Implemented a UI library for Komodo Health with Bit using TypeScript, React, and MDX


Engineering Manager

  • Architected a payment platform allowing our vendors' customers to purchase large-cost items online using credit, check, or financing!
  • Led the effort of building a monorepo that supports both frontend and backend ecosystems so our team can collaborate more closely and release code more safely.
  • We're currently working on internationalization and few other features I'm excited to announce!
  • Our tech stack is Node on the backend and React on the frontend using TypeScript in both environments.

Dollar Shave Club

Frontend Software Engineer

  • Led the Dynamic Landing Page engineering effort, supporting internationalization and easy marketing updates using TypeScript, React, Node, and Contentful
  • Contributed to Dollar Shave Club's CI/CD pipeline using Circle CI and Node, released es-check, and did a talk at JS.LA about CI/CD
  • Built the analytics data layer providing accurate data in Adobe DTM
  • Architected a headless CMS for Dollar Shave Club's Original Content using JavaScript, Sass, Handlebars, CodeIgniter, and WordPress
  • While working at Dollar Shave Club, I was key in our Engineering Marketing Strategy writing several popular open-source projects: Reframe.js, Scrolldir, Shave, StickyBits, ES Check, Read more about my open source work below.

Hollywood Reporter/Billboard

Frontend Software Engineer

  • Developed the future of UX for The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard leading to 15% readership growth and 13% decrease in bounce rate
  • Built a modular frontend system which worked consistently for both The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard using Backbone, Node, Sass and JavaScript leading to a 200% increase in developer productivity
  • The efforts above lead to a 2015 Webby Honoree for Billboard & The Hollywood Reporter Website Magazine, and the 2015 best website at the 8th annual National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards

* More work history available upon request or on LinkedIn.


Open Source

  • ES Check: Checks the version of ES in JavaScript files with simple shell commands
  • StickyBits: Stickybits is a lightweight (<2KB) alternative to position: sticky polyfills
  • Scrolldir: y-axis scroll direction without jitter
  • Shave: a minimal JavaScript Plugin for Truncated text
  • Reframe.js: a minimal JavaScript Plugin for reframing html elements so they're an intrinsic ratio of the original—great for embeds


Talks and Presentations


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