Week 7, 2017—Transitioning and Climbing to Higher Heights and Deeper Turns

This week had a little bit of everything for me. I was able to surf quite a bit. I went climbing at the gym 3 times. I did a soft launch of an open source project I've been thinking about for a while called Stickybits. Meanwhile, Scrolldir got to 100 stars on github.


Surfing was a lot of fun this week for me. Monday was bigger, so we (Jon and I) surfed at Sunset for 4 hours. I was able to get into some corners really nice.

I surfed Venice on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday was fun with a bunch of peeler waves. Thursday, was a really interesting day. A sandbar cliff had been created on shore. Waves were going into shore, hitting the sandbar cliff, and going back out with a similar force that they had come in with and hitting another incoming wave. This would cause the incoming wave to grow in size suddenly. What this meant for surfing was fun jumpy waves.

On Saturday, I went to Ventura Point. The wave were small and fun. There were small logs and twigs in the water so it wasn't the cleanest.

Waves at Sunset on President's Day


I've continued to enjoy climbing indoors at Cliffs of Id. I'm able to do most v-2s which is still beginner. However, I'm able to do beginner bouldering routes (v-0, v-1, v-2 and some v-3s) for longer and at a faster rate.

Open Source Products

I did a soft launch of Stickybits which is an open source project I've been working on for a while. Stickybits basically checks for position: sticky support and if the browser doesn't support sticky, the plugin loosely mimics position: sticky with position: fixed.

Scrolldir has continued to be a powerful utility plugin that I'm happy to have helped publish.

Conclusion, a bit of everything

This was another good week of surfing, climbing and writing open source. I'm looking forward to publishing the landing page StickyBits and moving on to writing more utility plugins and supporting my team more in their open source projects.

Running From Water at Leo Cabrillo