Week 33, laying low but focused

Over the last weeks, I've been laying low. I'm wrapping up a rewriting a better developer experience for Stickybits. I'm finishing up two new open source repositories. Two projects at work have also inspired me. I've learned a lot from them. Outside of work, I have a rib injury so no surfing but more running and bike riding.

Catching on OSS (Open Source)

Stickybits has challenged me more than other open source products I've worked on. Products like Stickybits have a lot of ways to fail. Issues can be application related or browser related. The majority of app issues are because of pagination. When a customer clicks from 1 area to another (something called hot-linking) Stickybits looses its position on a web page. Net-net, the re-write of Stickybits will expose more of its API so that engineers using it can debug. The re-write will also test almost every line of code. My hope is after this re-write, issues will be able to be fixed faster and engineer customers will be able to manage the tool better for themselves.

My two open source projects are the result of learning. I am excited to share more when they're done.

The first tool is a quick way to build a blog using nuxt.js and now. Nuxt is a tool that makes it easier to server-side render Vue Apps. Now is real time deployment with a snazzy interface.

Th second tool is something that I am still dreaming up. In short, it is a tool that will hopefully help people (like myself) get their computer setup for development faster.

Work related notes

This week, I gained an understanding of a tool my teammates built at Dollar Shave Club. The tool configures new repositories for front end development. As front end tooling has become increasingly complex. Taking some time to understand this tool has been worth while.

Besides learning about the Dollar Shave Club front end configuration tool, I assisted in updating a tool that pings xhr requests in parts of the Dollar Shave Club app that are business critical.

Until next week, Jeff.

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