Week 8, 2017—Losing a few friends, being sick, transitioning and writing some code

Week 8 was great for sitting. I was sick the whole week so I sat A LOT. Besides sitting a lot, a few friends started on new adventures and a close friend of mine passed away. Workwise, I started working on some cool analytics stuff and I'm continuing to work on some cool open source products.

Fighting the flu

I became fully sick on Monday which I faught through and went to work. I regret that decision but I was able to make Tuesday way worse (sarcasm)! I just kept getting more sick after that. On Friday, I went to Urgent Care and from there—it worked out well. I was worried that I had pneumonia so I was happy to learn that I only had the flu! The good doctors gave me medication and I spent the weekend recovering.

Moving on

I had a dear friend of mine pass away. It's been on my mind all week. I'd met this person at the beginning of 2014 and we'd gone on some epic trips together. She helped me a lot with laughter. I first met her when I was recovering from pneumonia. Before having pneumonia I was able to do several things that I haven't been able to do after—like run several miles pretty fast. I was pretty depressed about this change and then my friend made fun of me, "But you can still run, right?". She was right. Her vibes about my recovery made me feel okay to complain—because it was like a joke when she'd make fun of me. Her attitude also motivated me to heal. I'm very thankful for her outlook. I'll never forget it.

Analytics and Open Source

I'm switching over to an analytics project and I'm pumped about it. I'd started working on a product for this project a while ago and I'm happy to be working on something that is a bit more data/javascript heavy. As far as open source, I hope to do the landing page for stickybits this week which will be fun.

In conclusion

I'm thankful for my life and the goals I have to attain. I feel like I have so much more to say in this life. I hope my words will reflect a bit of what I learned from my dear friend that passed. I'll miss her forever and try to remember the gifts I received from her.