Week 12, 2017—getting the opportunity to listen see a new place

After my car was side-swiped last week, I didn't feel comfortable putting surfboards into the my car rental because of the wax. This changed my schedule so I decided to head out in nature for the weekend. I went to Wrightwood, CA.

Wrightwood, CA

Wrightwood, CA is South East of Los Angeles. It is a slightly less known mountain town when compared with other towns in proximity—like Big Bear. Near to Wrightwood are a group of rocks called 'The Mormon Rocks'. They look like large rounded blocks of cement, and they're powerful against the landscape because other blocks in the area look different. Wrightwood has a ski hill, Mountain High, with hiking trails all around it. I went on two runs while I was there submitting to mountains which were about 7000ft each.

Jetty in Playa Del Ray

I'm still behind on writing a few posts outside of my weekly posts, so I'm going to pause this post and hopefully be catching up next week.