Debugging email share links

After an Apple Phone IOS update, there was an issue with email links on several content websites when customers would click the email share link. When clicking on the email share, customers were being shown an alert box.

On desktop devices, there was no issue.

After going through various debugging techniques, I noticed 2 things that may help other developers out:

  • Make sure that there is no target attribute on the email share link. This is what initiates alerts on mobile devices.
  • When debugging errors with email share links on Device Simulators, remember that simulators like the IOS Simulator don't have email clients installed initially.

Here's a code sample of something that works:

  <a href="mailto:?subject={{articleTitle}}&amp;body={{articleLink}}" data-track-share="Email" data-track-slug="{{articleLink}}" class="share__link share__link--mail js-share-mail js-share-event" title="Email">Share</a>