Week 13, 2017—camping above Ojai on Highway 33, surfing and other things

For the past month, I've been yearning to be outside more. 3 weeks ago, I made that desire a reality by going to Wrightwood. The week after, I stayed above Ojai on Highway 33. I've surfed most days over these past 3 weeks and have still maintained productivity coding.

Staying in Ojai

Highway 33 above Ojai is a beautiful road leading to several beautiful places, like Rosewood Falls. It runs along a few streams and goes from sea level to over 6k ft. I've cycled on it and I've now camped along it. Something that I really enjoy about it is it's difference from Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains. Where Malibu is mainly shrubbery, along Highway 33 there are several steams and as the road elevates, the landscape changes to the point that when I've been to the road's highest point—I've been above the clouds and it's been below freezing.

2 weeks ago, while staying there, I made sure to park in an overnight hiking spot so I was able to camp and go with ease. I was slightly nervous because I didn't have cel service and was definitely along but that also made the trip exciting. In the morning, I was able to drive down the into Ventura to surf with ease.

Jetty in Playa Del Ray

Staying pitted (not really)

cod I've been lucky; I think a lot because of maintaining activity in several sports, to feel pretty healthy. Feeling healthy has allowed me to surf more. Two weeks ago, I surfed Sunset a few times during the week and Mondos over the weekend. I was able to get some decent rides and am showing improvements going let on waves. I'm currently working on improving my setup time to catch waves as well a getting myself into more optimal situations to catch waves at their best.

Staying productive

Switching products, learning, and maintaining projects seems like a lot and is a lot for me. I feel like I'm constantly trying to find a balance between learning, building, and helping others. Helping others often helps my learn however I still bucket it separately because the time involved is not the same as time spent learning on my own, digging through docs and grokking code.

Deciding to travel over the weekend has taken away from time learning and worked on my projects. I'm still trying to figure out my perfect balance of time spent away from the computer and time in front of it. My goal is to enjoy days away from the computer but find time to reflect on my weekly learnings.


Two weeks ago was good. Finding ways to camp is helping me to save money so that I can travel more. I'm still trying to balance travelling and learning. My goal is to focus on reflective learning while I travel.