Week 2, 2017—run, rocks, rain; I couldn't surf but I definitely played in the rain

Wow, writing a weekly update will be challenging but valuable. The rain in Southern California has lingered which great for water levels and local waterfalls up above Pasadena—I've enjoyed it thoroughly. This environmental change has switched my sport focus a bit—climbing more and surfing less. Beyond that, JavaScript MVC discovery has led to new open source projects to make and a few projects to contribute to as well.

Mueller Tunnel Continues to Enchant

Mueller Tunnel Hike, January 15, 2017

Mueller Tunnel is located about a mile from the summit of Mount Wilson. It's easy to park and view Los Angeles lights at sunset. Then after an easy quarter mile hike you get to the tunnel which can capture silhouettes wonderfully. If the hike is continued past the tunnel you can reach the summit of Mount Disappointment which offers another view of Los Angeles from mountain tops and has an interesting story behind it's name. I walked there this past Sunday, the 15th. Clouds appeared to be surfing the mountain ridge line and all of the rain has created unusual and beautiful waterfalls which are traversing the mountain valleys.

Riding In the Rain—on; board or bike

Cycling has continued to be a challenge with the rain however views from the saddle are irresistible. I was able to maintain a bit over 130 but my hips were a concern going into my third week. I was able to remedy this with a bit of surfing and climbing in the gym. Yeah, gym climbing has been great for me. It challenges me to stretch and relax.

Cycling to Sacred Cove, January 14, 2017

Nuxt, Next and Svelte

Over the past week, I researched Nuxt, Next and Svelte. I'm currently working on basic setups for Nuxt and Next with a mentor of mine. If it makes sense, those projects will be open sourced. I'm also planning on using Svelte personally on this here, blog site. I'm a huge fan of Rich Harris. Rollup is my _go-to_for open source projects. It keeps my code honest.

Tried and True

I didn't have a chance to wrap up an open source project that I hoped to release this week—hopefully next week. I'm also hoping to write a jQuery builder because the current project seems a bit stale and could maybe be optimized in a few ways. My goal is to make a modern way to build a custom version of jQuery that only uses what's needed for a project. Aside from that, I've done some deep learning on progressive web apps and automating a webpage performance report.

Last and not least, I got my first custom surfboard made by Caleb, 'Critter Surfboards'.

My Critter Surfboard, January 14, 2017