Week 5, 2017—Analytics Tech and Viewing Ocean Caves

The 5th week post is coming a week late. There were negotiations going on and I built a major analytics update for the site that I'm been working on. Outside of tech, I had some good runs and spent some time at Leo Carrillo Beach.

<figure> <img src="https://yowainwright.imgix.net/wk-5/leo-carillo-stream.jpg?w=800&h=800&crop=focalpoint&auto=format" alt="Leo Carillo Rock and Stream at Leo Carillo State Beach in California." /> </figure>

Updating Analytics

Analytics for the site I'm working on had a straightforward facelift. Or teams are also working on tool to make analytics more uniform across our web properties.

Fitness Work

I wasn't able to surf as much because of continued rain. I made it to the rock gym a few times and my apartment gym a few more times. I got onto my bike and ran for a few hours as well.

Leo Carrillo State Beach

Driving by Leo Carrillo State Beach on Highway 1 has always been enjoyable. There's a rock that juts out from the ocean and appears to be battling longboarder waves 24 hours a day. Also, if there's been any rain, a stream flows out into the ocean. These are nice features of a beach. I had never really explored the beach beyond these observations though. I did that this week. Just north of the rocks and stream that is observable from highway are a few rock caves. The whole scene—the waves, the stream and the rock cave are memorable. I'm very glad I went.

<figure> <img src="https://yowainwright.imgix.net/wk-5/leo-carillo-cave.jpg?w=800&h=800&crop=focalpoint&auto=format" alt="Looking through a rock cave at Leo Carillo State Beach in California." /> </figure>