Week 1, 2017—the weather was rainy but the surf was great!

My first week of 2017 was rainy but the surf was great! Fitness wise, I was able to surf, ride my bike and get into the climbing gym a few times. As far as computer programming, I was very close to releasing a few open source products and started taking to the time to get up to date with basic knowledge of current popular MVCs.

Surfing has been great sans a little rain

Countyline surf, January 7, 2017

With a lot of rain in LA week, surfing was a safety hazard. This was because of run off from land and all of the water being stirred up. What all of the rain has taken away from everyday surfing has been added to awesome waves on the few days I was able to get out. I went to Countyline with Justin Berg. The sets were consistent and the wave shapes were very nice. It was my first time in the water for 2017 so I was pleasantly was surprised I was able to turn on a few waves.

[Sunset surf spot](https://vimeo.com/199360358) on [Vimeo](https://vimeo.com)Vimeo.

On Sunday, I went to Sunset Surf Spot and enjoyed some perfect waves. I got some long rides and even a few good turns. I was out on my Aipa Surfboard which doesn't seem to float as well any more—I still had so much fun.

Slow and steady makes the smile show

Cycling was feeling pretty good and after adding boulder climbing to my workout routine—my hips are feeling alright. I logged a little under 150 miles. My pace was slow and I still felt hesitant with hills. I was lucky to have Devin join me on a few rides.

Cycling in Malaga Cove, January 8, 2017

Open Source, small things that grow

Maintaining my first larger open source projects in Shave and Reframe.js has continued to be interesting. I've learn from the questions I've received and the updates I've asked to make. Meanwhile, I've been working on ScrollDir with Patrick Fisher and another Project called StickyBits.

JavaScript Framework Learnings

I've had the opportunity to dig deeper into some JavaScript Frameworks. The frameworks that I've been learning more about are React, Vue and Svelte. I've been comparing these frameworks to writing something that could be considered more basic using Node with Express. Knowing that these learnings will be done on a content site that still has relatively low traffic, speed on initial visit is very key. Hopefully, I can document more on my learnings soon!