Week 34, Finding Fun In Nature Again After A Few Months Away

This past week was a build up of things to come. Stickybits 2.* was released. I went up to Ventura and went on my first trail runs in months. Besides, releasing stickybits 2.* and going on runs, I feel more excitement about what is coming in the next weeks.

Releasing Stickybits 2.*

Stickybits 2.* was released. It provides a better API for the majority of its customers. Most of the issues that Stickybits was getting on Github revolved around Stickybits customers wanting to be able to make the API work for them. In example, customers wanted to be able to change CSS class names or only add the styles that they need for Stickybits to work. Stickybits 2.* provides that! Read more about it in the readme or wiki.

Trail running for the first time in months

I've been able to get back to running. I've had issues with my ankles for the last months. After only riding bikes and surfing, running again saves time and is great for cross-training. While visiting friends in Ventura, I was able to enjoy trail runs East of Ventura. In the next weeks, I will be releasing some starters repos for new web products—like nuxt, ember, and tentatively, Gatsby.

Running in Ojai