Creating Aliases on a Mac

Creating Aliases on a Mac is an easy thing to do & can save a lot of time. When working in Terminal or another command line app, you may want to set up an alias to make your workflows easier.

To do this you'll want to set up a .bash_profile:

  • Run vi ~/.bash_profile in your command line app of choice, or [text editor of choice] ~/.bash_profile
  • This will open up your bash profile in vi or your text editor to be edited

If you'd like to use a text editor but don't have one that opens instead of vi checkout this post

Here's a look at part of my .bash_profile:

# -------
# mySQL
# -------
export PATH=/usr/local/mysql/bin:$PATH

# -------
# host setups
# -------
alias hosts="sublime /etc/hosts"
alias vhosts="sublime /etc/apache2/vhosts"