Week 3, 2017—Releasing ScrollDir, working on interpersonal growth and surfing

The weather in Southern California has improved greatly from the first few weeks of 2017. It's almost felt Spring like! The result is more—more surfing, more riding bikes and even still a little time to skateboard and rock climb. Besides enjoying the year's first sunny days, I released ScrollDir and continues to research into what I'm calling story projects. Story projects, 3 are started, are basically versions of server side rendering capable boilerplate blog sites with different frontend MVCs.

ScrollDir, scroll direction detection

Vertical scroll direction without jitter

A few months ago, I had a projects which required me to perfectly maintain scroll direction for showing and hiding user interface elements based on scroll direction. In writing something basic to do this, my co-worker Patrick Fisher mentioned that he'd written a jQuery plugin for this a few years ago. I implemented plugin into my project and it worked perfectly so we modernized it a bit for current JavaScript standards. The end result was ScrollDir. ScrollDir kills the need for developers needing to worry about a tool for maintaining vertical scroll direction. It's lightweight and easy to include in projects.

Roads seem clearest

Roads seem clearest when illuminated by light piercing through darkness

Over the last couple of weeks I've been really concerned about the state of the world. Not going into that here, I'll say I've been looking to the outdoors for hope. The photo below was taken up off of Angeles Crest highway.

Angeles Highway