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How To Execute Node Commands To Test With Jest

Friction and the Beauty it can create

The 2000s are no longer a teenager, starting out 2020

Watching the sunset from Malaga Cove, waiting for ships to come in

Listening to what is most important to others is hard. What if there was a highlighter for spoken words?

Let the dream live! Unless dreams have actionable plans, they're not real—so let them live if they bring happiness.

Moments Between Words—Simple Communication and Observations of Quick Ways To Make Others Feel Good

TypeScript Init—Getting A Test Driven TypeScript Repository Setup

First Post in Bit, This Is Why

Week 34, Finding Fun In Nature Again After A Few Months Away

Week 33, laying low but focused

Normalize.css, or not? Here are some considerations

Can Code Review Etiquette be a thing? Here are some starter thoughts on it.

Making a CSS Font Partial

2017 Labor Day Week in Dallas

Popular JavaScript tools in (mid) 2017

JavaScript is relatable

Digging into Sinon Fake Server Methods

Reenvisioning branded content at Dollar Shave Club

Switching Static Site Generators

Week 20, code more, surf more—managing time for happiness

Week 19, mislabeled mountains and other things I enjoy

Week 18, a trip to the North West to celebrate my sister's birthday

Week 17, dealing with an ankle injury and using an observer and/or a mediator pattern

Week 15, was about being a good friend, surfing and gaining momentum on another open source project.

Week 14, releasing analytics updates and my first trip South in 2017

Week 16, great surfing week and feeling tired from feeling busy

Week 13, 2017—camping above Ojai on Highway 33, surfing and other things

Week 12, 2017—getting the opportunity to listen see a new place

Week 11, 2017—Got Some Good Surfing In and Felt More Comfortable On My New Project

Updating Git Tags That Have Been Pushed

Week 9, 2017—Getting Back to Surfing, Changing Teams and Feeling Beta

Using ES6 Function Destructuring with JavaScript Plugin Options

AWW—A Formula For Writing Git Commits

A-ha Moments Writing Simple JavaScript Plugins

Week 8, 2017—Losing a few friends, being sick, transitioning and writing some code

Arrow Function Notes After Watching ES6 For Everyone, Continued

Some great memories have Lauren in the foreground

Week 7, 2017—Transitioning and Climbing to Higher Heights and Deeper Turns

Week 6, 2017—Looking for rainbows in the rain, shipping analytics and best friends

Week 5, 2017—Analytics Tech and Viewing Ocean Caves

The 4 Categories of Frontend JavaScript Projects

Week 4, 2017—Great surfing and improving negotiation skills

Week 3, 2017—Releasing ScrollDir, working on interpersonal growth and surfing

Week 2, 2017—run, rocks, rain; I couldn't surf but I definitely played in the rain

Week 1, 2017—the weather was rainy but the surf was great!

Arrow Function Notes After Watching ES6 For Everyone

Debugging email share links

Rant: HTML is easy and that's why we all write it wrong!

Reframing content responsively with Reframe.js

Creating beautiful layouts by setting element widths with calc

All about Sticky Navs & what happens to them on devices

Hanging out around White Rock Lake

Creating Aliases on a Mac

It's amazing the way that things change and William Kentridge

GMR a road cycling paradise

Template Strings and Template Tagging After Watching ES6 For Everyone

Creating private information in JavaScript

Javascript's keyword this; THIS is what I'm talking about!

Understanding Javascript Objects - static objects to classes

Javascript for loop & the argument key word

Less used & known CSS selectors, aka attribute selectors

Javascript Closure all wrapped up & why

Happy Birthday, a project to say happy birthday

Glide Carousel, a easy to use slider for Semantic UI

Discussing Javascript Scope, let's keep it between us

You're an Ortiz, how I gained family & through them things changed for the better

Art Lived, A Story Of How A Painting Was Given, Lost & Found

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