About me, Jeff Wainwright

I’m software engineer at Dollar Shave Club. I write software because I’m passionate about making things, learning and contributing to society. Software allows me to do those things everyday. Unrelated to software, I enjoy riding bikes, running, and surfing.

The profile handle “yowainwright” is derived from conversations I had with my dad in his woodshop growing up. I would sit on a workbench and tell him about my dreams for the future which were always very lofty. He would respond to my enthusiasm at key moments by pumping is fist in a winning gesture and say in a deep tone—yoooo wainwright! Not being a typical quick-learner or athlete, his words encouraged me to move forward. I think I still carry motivation from his support.

Open Source

  • ES Check: Checks the version of ES in JavaScript files with simple shell commands
  • StickyBits: Stickybits is a lightweight (<2KB) alternative to position: sticky polyfills
  • Scrolldir: y-axis scroll direction without jitter
  • Shave: a minimal JavaScript Plugin for Truncated text
  • Reframe.js: a minimal JavaScript Plugin for reframing html elements so they’re an intrisic ratio of the original—greate for embeds


Email me at [email protected] or reach out on socially.

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