2017 Labor Day Week in Dallas

This past week, I went to Dallas to visit Brett and Ashley Pitt—close friends of mine. I’ve known them for about 4 years and we’ve done some incredible stuff together during our friendship. Also, Dallas is a great place to visit from Los Angeles because it inexpensive to go to, really accessible on Bicycles, and has a great bustling downtown with good food.

How I met the Pitts

How we met is always a story I like to tell. I used to get coffee at a coffee spot in Manhattan Beach called Two Guns. I not a huge coffee connoisseur but I they had the best Donuts I’d ever had. I would go there most weekends to get a donut. I would see different nice bikes out front and later learned they were Brett’s. Brett and I talked about cycling sometimes for the next few years. Eventually we went for a bike ride. During the ride, I started telling Brett about why I went to Two Guns—the donuts. He told me that his fiancée Ashley was actually the person that had started making donuts there. Brett and I later rode bikes for thousands of miles and would often get back from a ride to fresh made bread by Ashley who is the most passionate person about bread that I have ever met.

Brett riding in Dallas

The first time I went to Dallas a few years ago, I didn’t anticipate how much I would like it. There are a lot a great restaurants, the skyline is beautiful and the people are friendly. A new addition in the past few years are ride share bikes. I rode a Limebike the entire time I was there, including 2 rides to White Rock Lake.

Brett and Ashley

It was great seeing Brett and Ashley. I’m watching them grow up—within themselves, in their careers, and with each other.


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