Punch Static Sites: My experience getting setup

Getting started with Punch is very easy. After adding the npm plugin, setting up the initial static site takes a few minutes. The CLI commands are super straight forward & the site re-builds super fast.


In terminal run:

  • npm install -g punch Install punch global

  • punch setup [my awesome site name] *site setup

  • cd mysite

  • punch s starts your local server

  • Press ctrl + c to stop your local server

  • If you have already have a directory setup, just run punch setup in that directory

An aside: Why Punch?

Here are 2 big benefits for choosing punch specifically over other static site generators.

  • Quick setup: you really can be up & running in a few minutes
  • Prototyping: you can quickly do templating for platform cms sites where you can use dummy json. This is great in a situation where multiple CMS’s are on the table that use mustache.html)

More information

  • Here’s a link to the wiki, &
  • Another link to the homepage